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Personal Aspects About Me And My Family

Frank Zemla, the author in 2000

[My Birth and Parentage]
[My Wife]
[My Children]
[My Brother and Sisters]
[My Yorkie Dog]

Milestones and Memorable Events

[Polish Visitors] [The Day I Nearly Lost My Sight] [ Specs Forever In The Wars]
[Innovative Times] [Pastimes and Games] [ The Educational System At Twelve]
[ Foster Jackson's Horse And Timber Cart] [ Banished From Technical Classes]
[Leaving School] [ First Real Wage Packet] [The Prankster Within] [ Fabric Of The Building]
[ New Boss From Tyneside] [ Learning Many New Skills] [Ghostly Writing] [Freezing Buses]
[My First Car] [Mobile Shop Driver] [ A Weel Kent Voice] [ Days In Little Dockray] [ Creepy-Crawlies]
[ Cinema Projectionist] [ Furniture Sales Or Not] [ Vintage Wine And Well Known Celebrities] [ Courting Days In Carlisle] [ Halford's] [Wrongfully Accused] [ Danish Bacon Co]
[ Brims And Harry The Gun] [Asleep On The Job] [Job Seeking] [ Still Looking]

New Beginnings

[ Journey To Deutschland] [ The one-armed man]
[ The Squadron Leader and Jägermeister] [ First Night In Forest Digs]
[ Getting Into A Routine] [The World Cup] [Harz Mountains]
[Christmas Holiday] [ Adam's Birthday] [Kleine Chicago]
[Kidney Stone] [ Braunschweig Folk Festival] [Herman and Hilda]
[ Second Week Of Independence] [ Mince And Tatties Battle]
[ Numismatists and Philatelists] [ Braunschweig-Brücke Strasse]
[ Opportunity Of A Lifetime]

Back on British Soil

[ Palmer's Coaches - Carlisle] [Eva and I Meet] [ Unexpected Arrival]
[ Initial Visit To Greenfield] [ Blue Band - Bus Driver and Wagon Driver]
[The Picter] [Gas Pipeline] [ Western SMT Bus Driver]
[ Eva and I get married]

[ A Training Camp Visit For Female Sojers] [ Laxatives At Work] [ Laura's birth]
[ Garden Fresh - Our Greengrocer's] [ Technical College] [Annandale Observer]
[Not Too Bad A Year] [Class Reunion] [Muckle Toon Vintage '98]
[Langholm Agricultural Show] [Carlisle-Bound For Rehabilitation] [Giving Up The Weed]
[An Angel Of Mercy] [ Always Somebody Worse Off]

The Dawning of a New Millennium

[Discharged from Hospital] [Parkgate Care Services] [Cath and Barry's Wedding]
[Foot and Mouth epidemic] [Langholm Common Riding 2001] [Burnfoot Care Services]

Poles I knew in town (now deceased)

[Pawel Bortko] [Stanislaw Skeczek] [Wladek Rogucki] [Jerzy Osadnik]
[Michael Osciak] [Iwan Smoluk] [Stanislaw Kukulka] [Roman Demkowicz]
[Richard Drapacz] [Pawel Konysz] [Jan Kebus] [Wladek Pochec]
[Aleksander Jarzyna] [Franek Nawrocki] [Ted Rajszys]

The following Poles are all alive as at 31st August 2001

[Franek Wolny] [Eddie Szymkowiak] [Albert Kulik] [Walter Humpa] [Jan Wardas]

Frank Zemla
25th April 1999
August 2001

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