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Langholm Town Council in 1975

Langholm Town Council in 1975

Rear table: Bailie James Harkness, Provost James Grieve, Baillie John Murray.

Others Left to right: A. Porteous, J. Aitken, R. Rae, R. Brebner, E. Armstrong, Jean White, John Bruce, E. Armitage.

Langholm Cricket team in 1965

Langholm Cricket team in 1965
Back row: Adam Beattie (coach), Neill Grant, Eric Maxwell, Dennis Little, Peter Bart-Smith, Billy Smith, Eric Beattie.

Front row: Richard Watt, Glyn Irving, Tony Reid, Gordon Johnstone, Andy Ritchie

Langholm Town Band play in Langholm Market Place in 1960

Langholm Town Band in 1960

Langholm Cricket XI in 1959

LANGHOLM CRICKET CLUB XI who played during the 1959 season.
Back row: A. Beattie (umpire), C. Weatherstone, R. Wylie, Master M. Johnstone (scorer), W. Rodgers, A. Dinwiddie, R. McMillan.

Front row: A. Stewart, E. Maxwell, I. Fletcher (vice-captain), J. Telford (captain), T. Irving, E. Lake.

Infants attending Langholm Primary School in 1958

Infant School pupils of 1958
L/R Back row: Evelyn Jardine, Julia Kulik, Graham Robertson, Alister Bell, John Bertimus, Ian Irving, Alan Farish, Philip Harkness, Rosaline Dawid, Irene Dawid

L/R Front row: Margaret Cameron, Linda Reid, Violet Laidlaw, Esther Irving, Wilma Hotson,
Isobel Calvert, Irene Dunn, Ellen Ireland, Christine Zemla

Langholm Rugby Football Team 1959

Langholm Rugby Football Team 1959
The first rugby club in Scotland was established in Langholm in 1871. The 1958-59 season was Langholm's glorious year when they were the only unbeaten team in the whole of Britain. For the first time Langholm won the Scottish and Border League championships then went on to win both Selkirk and Langholm Sevens. Pictured with the three trophies are LRFC players in the first XV.

Back row: W. Murray, G.H. Sadler, J.B. Copeland, A. Irving, G. Crawford, E.J.S. Michie, J. Beattie, G. Maxwell, J.G. Smith,
J.T. Donaldson, J. Telford.

Front row: A.J. Jeffrey, T.G. Elliot, A.D. Warwick, R. Wylie, J.A. Turnbull, J.M. Maxwell (capt.), I. Fletcher, C. Elliot, D.I. Anderson,
J.K. Armstrong, A. Grieve. In front: C.A. March, G.K. Davidson.